Introducing: The Blow Waves

No way, it can’t be. The Blow Waves are the reincarnation of The Smiths and The Stone Roses and they are singing songs fit for a new wave Cadbury advertisement. But really, I must be dreaming again because these guys are new wave, not English alternative rock.

The blow waves

Not to be mistaken for a love child of The Smiths and The Stone Roses, The Blow Waves will catch you with their uplifting guitars, surprising lyrics and charitable spirit.

First and foremost, The Blow Waves are not from The United Kingdom, they are from Melbourne. Secondly, 100% of sales go towards the Echo International which makes me think that apart from being particularly smooth vocalists, Matt Thomas (or better known in the music scene as Matt Doll), Byron St John, John Pants, Jamie Wave, and Jezz Beat are very compassionate humans and band mates overall.

Although they have been swinging the guitar (and banging the drum) since the ripe times of 2006, The Blow Waves still know what they are doing even so by not deleting their myspace page so everyone can hear the sound of their oh so new wave-blow wave sound crashing ashore cyberspace. The Blow Waves first began as lead man; Matt Doll whose work as an Australian singer, songwriter and producer began with his humble recordings in his Melbourne bedroom. Matt was the lead singer of Australian band, The Mavis’s, which might have helped them score their first gig was at the Union Hotel in Fitzroy, following an appearance at the Adelaide Feast Festival in the same year of ‘06.

Later on in their band career The Blow Waves played the Sydney Mardi Gras and went on tour in Europe where they played outdoor stages at 2009 World Outgames, a sporting and cultural event that is hosted by the global gay community. Island names The Blow Waves’ latest EP, which is in 100% support of under developed and displaced communities in Australia.

This EP is varied in the best way an EP should be. It has uplifting guitar riffs and suspiring lyrics such as ‘In the city, you can meet Jack The Ripper…oooh oh woah love in England ’. If you just can’t get enough of this nostalgic Morrissey-vibe sound, Blow Wave band mates, Matt Doll and Byron St John collaborated to form their own two-piece, Video Video. For now, I’ll be listening to The Smiths and The Stone Roses’ band baby, The Blow Waves.