Single Premiere: Hedge Fund – Object Of My Affection

Top of the mornin’ to you! The long weekend is behind us, so it’s time to put down your Rabbitohs flag and sober up for the working week ahead. But that sure as hell doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. This fine Tuesday morning Happy is proud to present the worldwide premiere of the new Hedge Fund single, Object Of My Affection.


Get geared up this Tuesday morning as we present the brand spankin’ new single Object Of My Affection from Sydney’s Hedge Fund. Listen here on Happy!

Hailing from Sydney, Hedge Fund are  a four piece who are fairly new to the game and have been gigging since the start of this year. They may be wide-eyed as the fresh faced kids on the Aussie music block, but they’ve had plenty of exposure to their life. In fact, bass player Nick Weaver is the co-songwriter of Sydney’s Deep Sea Arcade.

Made up of Weaver, vocalist Will Colvin, guitarist Mislav Belobradjic and stick-man Miles Thomas, Hedge Fund boast an indie rock sound with a touch of that shogeaze stuff all the kids are into these days, as well as a band logo that is eerily similar to the movie Alien’s title card. 

Okay, enough mooching. Let’s get to the song. Object Of My Affection is the second single the band has released following their first single Outta Sight, which was released back in May. I know I described the band as indie rock/ shoegaze, but upon immediate listen to Object Of My Affection, it will smack you in the face with a sonic wall- the soaring vocals and guitars are reminiscent of the post-emo/ pop rock movement of the late 2000’s that has become the staple of bands like Dead Letter Circus. After that initial blast of sound, Hedge Fund shift gears and the track becomes less intense, transforming into a pretty little toe tapper of a song, before returning to that blaster of a chorus.

It may be shocking to learn that Object Of My Affection is about – that’s right, you guessed it – a girl. But then again many rock songs are. The lyrics of the song aren’t revolutionary, but they do capture the essence of passion and desire in a nice way. “I close my eyes, I forget myself” echoes out Colvin’s voice at the start of the track. Lyrics like this are simple yet effective. Whether it be a person, a hobby or a sports team, we all have something we love and Object Of My Affection represents those feelings quite well.

You can now listen to Object Of My Affection below! The official launch party for the single is this Friday, October 10th at Oxford Art Factory with the tickets at $2 a pop. Check out the band’s Facebook for all the details.