Single Premiere: Holm. – Golden

We’re thrilled to be dropping this sick track from an artist who’s hometown is Boston, Massachusetts, a place known for the hip-hop likes of Guru, Statik Selektah, Reks, Termanology, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Slaine, and Benzino. Pretty soon a fellow by the name of Holm. (aka J Thatcher May) might just become a legend  of both his past and new home of New York City, the place renowned for it’s buzzing hip-hop scene.

Holm. will be sure to bring his A-game with his own uniquely forged sound rooted in jazz, hip-hop beats and trip-hop. Be inspired by this anthem that encourages you to be your ‘golden’ self. Preach the empathically wise words of Holm. “We are golden”– damn right we are.


He is a voice of reason, a man of endless mellow samples. There’s no knowing what magic trip-hop/indie/electronic extraordinaire Holm. will create next.

Ambient chill-out, trip-hop, beat and wordsmith Holm. has an admirable and distinct sound which blends indie with electronic music-  technological and vocally relaxed and mellow with a dose of attitude, simple but well textured with melodic instrumentation, lyrics that spark emotion and being less confined to the conventions of other genres, Holm. lets so much of his personality and playfulness to take over.

Holm.’s latest single Golden, has a bluesy alternative rock guitar melody which underlines the song, the slapping percussion conventional of the hip hop genre and Holm.’s rap sensibility exudes this undeniable cool and charming ego- this track is pretty true to the 90s rap sound with fundamental instrumentation. Golden sees a temporary move away from Holm.’s usual sound which is much more experimental, rich and intense in it’s other-worldly, atmospheric form.

Golden‘s slightly wonky and nonchalant vocals adds so much character to this track which is in every sense of the word,  pure gold- rich and smooth vocals, happy and prosperous vibe,  precious and desirable, polished and lustrous.

His last EP, Ithaka, draws inspiration from traditional hip-hop instrumentalists like Nujabes and J. Dilla.  Golden is from Holm.’s forthcoming EP I Feel A Great Peace. Another track released from this EP is Care –  riddled with so many upbeat, sparkly and smooth samples, layers of vocal harmonies, and the  seamless  contrast between a moody and positive facade, this track keeps things pleasantly interesting. 

This is another snapshot of what Holm. has to offer and if you are not yet convinced of his prowess then methinks you should  pay closer attention to the lyrics. Expect a combo of indie rock with live instrumentation and the majestic electronic songs Holm.’s has mastered, in his soon to be released EP I Feel A Great Peace