Introducing: Boss Moxi

Enter dark dream territory with Brisbane’s jazz-infused psychedelic rockers Boss Moxi. Named after a fat cat DC Comics villain, their origin story begins in the old school days when vocalist Brayden Doig and lead guitarist Ollie Cook started jamming together after school. Recruiting some more pals, including bassist Dan Milad, drummer Sophie Quinn and Twin Haus’ Daniel Grima, the stage was set for Boss Moxi to rise to power.

Boss Moxi

Named after a comics villain, dominated by hazy guitars and infused with Flamenco horns, Boss Moxi is a dark psychadelic dream.

Prowling Brisbane’s dingy alleyway bars, their debut EP Your Mouth is heavy on the grunge. But, a year later when they hunkered down in an old Queenslander bedroom to record some new stuff, their sound turned to the psychedelic side. Releasing a 6-minute haze of guitar and sax, their 2012 single Caught up in Neverland is a trip you’ll never never want to leave, marking their transformation into jazz-infused psych rockers.

With all new powers to explore, they headed up north to Sophie’s old family cottage in Maleny. A secluded house set amongst the hills, it was the perfect place to unleash their debut album. After months of writing, recording and mixing, they finally let us enter their dark dream territory once more with two new singles off their forthcoming LP. Released a few months ago, jazzy psych tune Song of Joan is a fictional tale about young David Bowie. Taking place on a night that never happened, a woman named Joan sparks Bowie’s desire to release his inner rock god. Narrated by Brayden’s ominous growl, the tune’s Flamenco undertones and onslaught of brass raise the stakes and build into a frenzied outburst.

As the name suggests, their most recent single Nymphomaniac is a raunchier, though fleeting, rock affair. By far their darkest tune, it’s plagued by sinister psychedelic riffs that creep along with unnerving volatility. Brayden’s Nick Cave-esque vocals hunt down the beat and release a roar when they tear into the victim. Rough like their dingy alleyway origins, it’s a menacing mix of grunge and psych.

If their latest singles are anything to go by, their 14-track debut LP set to be unleashed early next year will be one jazzed-up dark psychedelic dream you’ll want to enter. Be prepared for more Boss Moxi tunes lurking down alleyways soon.