Introducing – Ciggie Witch

At first glance, Ciggie Witch are just another dolvewave band creeping out of the Melbourne alleyways. However, this slacker group of seven present a quality within their music that makes them so much more, and pushes them to the forefront of this rising scene.

Ciggie Witch began creating their no nonsense music back in 2012, and after the release of two EPs, they are finally ready to drop their first full length album Rock and Roll Juice in early May – and there are so many reasons you need to start getting excited for the release.

ciggie witch

No prizes for guessing that a band called Ciggie Witch are making light, floaty dolewave from a suburban Melbourne flat.

Already, Ciggie Witch have crafted a well refined sound and you can’t help but feel like they are generating this music for no one other than themselves. Listening to their previous EPs is like ripping pages from a diary. Through the rough edged, dreamy, disconnected electro-pop tones that are so wrong they’re right, little spouts of lyrical genius breach through to sooth and comfort you until you feel so light that you could simply float away.

Thankfully, Ciggie Witch have treated us and released Long Weekend the first track from the new album. There’s so much growth in Long Weekend, with the music now slightly more fluid and the vocals just a bit louder. They’ve taken their original sound, and amped it up just a notch. Listening to Long Weekend feels like a conversation with friends – they sing about drinking cordial, being too shy to talk to pretty girls, sleeping in and being annoyed with all the little things in life that are out of our control. It’s personal and simple and wonderful. It’s not over-flourished with big words and fancy poetry.

Music doesn’t always need to make you think, sometimes you just need the reassurance you’re not the only person in the world without a clue – and that’s totally okay.