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Tearjerker – You Can

So this week’s zine has been a mix of jjjcore, electro-indie (isn’t that dead yet?), some floaty, shroomy psychedelia, dolewave and guitar-blues-rock stuff. What is missing… what is missing… oh yeah! It wouldn’t be quite right if it didn’t include some face meltingly fuzzed out effect pedal worshipers of the lowest fidelity possible, now would it?

Now I know how you guys like stuff that isn’t too alienating, things with major chords and acoustic guitars and long haired handsome men, so I’ve specially gone out of my way for all you fourteen year old girls and found something suitably gazy that won’t make you too depressed. Feast your ears on Tearjerker. With an EP coming out in May this year, You Can is the first single from Hiding. The last you probably heard from the Toronto three piece was way back in 2011 when Rare hit the shelves, so it’s refreshing to finally hear that these guys are returning.

tearjerker band

Tearjerker will probably put you into an unconscious dreamworld before they make you jerk any real tears. New EP Hiding With Friends will be out May 20th.

An interesting release, Rare explored a meeting of the then young and buzzing genre chillwave/glo-fi with older concepts of wall of noise, nineties lo-fi production and shoegaze (contested opinion). It was a release that was a product of the times, being compared to the immense success of similarly strange, dreamy p4k-core artists like Animal Collective and The Antlers and thus found an audience in what was then a wider appeal to noisy psychedelia.

Naturally, the world has moved on from it’s obsession with chillwave, but has Tearjerker? Just from the single You Can we can’t say for sure, but the choral vocal melodies and the matching distant guitar make this release sound a hell more polished and ready for mass consumption. If anything, this is the marriage between shoegaze and dreampop that the band needed to create three years ago, and we’re pretty damn glad that the Ontarians are releasing a full EP of such tunes.



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April 28, 2014

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