Introducing JARNA: a soothing cocktail of honey and soul

East Aucklander JARNA breathes a sense of clarity that leaves you positively hooked. Her newest single, On Your Mind, is as smooth as they come.

JARNA. Just as grounding and forward as her name, comes an artist oozing with a magnetic sense of control.

The NZ singer and guitarist pulls on a universal nerve with her own take on R&B, making her latest release, On Your Mind, simply a drop in the waves to come.

Photograph by Samuel Bernard

Turning the tides, JARNA cuts through the fog of overly complicated riffs and scribbles, instead she anchors soundscapes with her refreshingly sharp lyrics and soulful tune. What comes from this is a level of trust and gentleness that spurs within her work, pinning JARNA as a timeless R&B phosphorus to cling onto.

On Your Mind showcases JARNA’s complete and utter level of control, as she spurs intricately woven lyrics about mixed signals in relationships. The old-school beat threaded with JARNA’s stunning vocals swirl like a pot of honey, slow and addictively sweet. Much of the artist’s work breathes the same sense of clarity in valuing honesty over complicatedness.


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From her 2020 album, memoirs for the brokenhearted, to her recent singles; If Only You Knew and Oo La La, JARNA pulsates like a golden vein of passion with every release. Clearly, the artist is vibin’ what she’s putting out there – the smiles seep into the sound waves and leave you running the tracks on repeat without even realising.

The accompanying visuals to On Your Mind seep with the same grounding focus as JARNA sings; “You kiss me then you don’t want me like that/confusion running through my head I wanna react/I wanna be mad/I wanna explode”. 

Director and editor, Jesse “COCOSHAKIM” Gibson, captures JARNA’s almost meditative nature and uses it in stunning soft shots of her moving through the night.

With her second album, memoirs for the brokenhearted pt. 2, set for release on November 12, JARNA has proven herself as an artist to keep our eyes on as she moves with illuminating freedom into stratosphere.


On Your Mind is out now.