Introducing: New Navy

Now if this is a way of convincing me to join the navy ( who could forget The Simpsons navy recruitment episode), then sign me up onboard this naval ship irrespective of any subliminal messages – but there is no need to fear the uncharted seas you are about to face, for you are in very safe hands. This journey will be long and treacherous but there will always be someone by your side to give you the strength to remain calm and sane.

Let us set sail before we coax ourselves out of this potentially precarious yet extremely alluring voyage prematurely. There’s no escaping the beauty that is New Navy– it will become your life, it will instil values that will define you. You may be thinking “But what am I getting myself into?” and I will reply with conviction “Trust me, just trust me on this one.”

new navy

Cruise your way into the heavenly sound of New Navy. Smoother than silk, happier than a quokka* and just down-right gorgeous- sign me up to this navy!

Self-described as “polished pop wrapped in dreamy indie riffs” (couldn’t agree more), Sydney pop-dance band New Navy with Luke O’Loughlin, James Chave-Dubois, and Jamie Corson haven’t released a tonne of music yet, but each and every song they have produced is a burst of sunshine and and sweet goodness ( or like a Starburst Squirts which is what I was imaging writing this sentence).

Each of their singles is a piece of refined mastery, offering a slightly unique and different sound each time, yet retaining all the elements they have founded their identity with- adding those intricate details keeps you wanting more and when I say more I mean MORE! Please! I feel like their sound has transitioned from The Jungle Giants to Jinja Safari to Ásgeir– each stage brilliant in their own right.

The boys released their debut EP Uluwatu back in 2011 through Future Classic, featuring the single Zimbabwe. This song radiates so much positive energy- the guitars and percussion are so riveting, they just jump out at you like a child on a trampoline throwing candy in the air ( yes that’s how happy it is) .

Now that bridge will go down in history- no song can be named Zimbabwe without having a hint of tropicana. Percussion galore. So many pockets full of sunshine in a mix of stripped back moments . And yes New Navy I need a holiday, but I can patiently wait now because you’ve just satisfied my desperation for one.

Rosaline brings the sounds of summer to the disco dance floor. The use of synths just elevates the sensuality of the song- enter an atmospheric world of desire in pursuit of …all the funky basslines you can handle! This song gives you a pretty good gauge of how much this Rosaline means to the boys- the love for this person is so overwhelming. Rosaline whoever you are, whether you’re a real person or a representation of a real person, you’re one special gal.

There are various interpretations of what heaven will be like, and this one by New Navy might give you a taste of what you can look forward to. Heaven is so smooth that once you touch it, your whole body will slip and fall to embrace it. Silky bliss is flowing through me and I don’t know if I could feel anymore relaxed right now. Simply divine. Luke’s vocals with his slow-releasing and gentle vibrato is indulgent.

Just coming away from a tour supporting Andy Bull, the boys are sure to continue embarking on a series of live gigs around the place so be sure to follow their Facebook page for the latest deets. Thankfully we have a confirmed one for you below!

Wednesday 15th OctoberUNSW Roundhouse, Kensington

w/ The Jungle Giants

* Jen wishes to express her sincere shock seeing the boys taking a selfie with a quokka on their Facebook news feed. “Complete and utter coincidence!” she says.



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