Introducing Peach Tree Rascals, the LA crew you’ll wish your label signed

Space out to Things Won’t Go My Way, a new tune about doing it tough from LA-based collective Peach Tree Rascals.

Meet Peach Tree Rascals, the band every label on the west coast are wishing they signed.

Since forming in 2018 the rascals have become a family, knit together by creative collaboration and no small amount of success in their own right. For their trouble the LA crew have now caught the attention of HomeMade Projects / 10K Projects (Trippie Redd, Aitch), inking a deal and releasing their first single with the label, Things Won’t Go My Way.

peach tree rascals things won't go my way

As you’d probably glean from the title, Things Won’t Go My Way is a woozy ballad for that feeling you can’t shake that things are going south. More than that though, it’s about the ‘everybody’s against me’ headspace, an often toxic take on the world that rarely leads to anything productive.

Speaking about the single, Peach Tree Rascals shared:

“…it reminds us of something that’s often difficult to put into words. We always try to justify that there’s a particular thing preventing us from doing something, but at the end of the day – it always comes down to the fact that it’s a mindset and you’re often preventing yourself from getting where you want to be.”

The film clip names The Truman Show as its main inspiration, collating hidden camera footage alongside fish-eyes and snapshots into what appears to be the private lives of Peach Tree Rascals. It plays into the song excellently – a world that’s wrong for a reason you can’t quite put a finger on, and one that you’d do anything to escape.

Things Won’t Go My Way is a perfect introduction into the smooth-as-butter world of Peach Tree Rascals, a creative union between Dominic “Dom” Pizano, Issac Pech, Tarrek Abdel-Khaliq, Joseph Barros, and Jorge Olazaba. Each member has a distinct purpose (Dom produces, Pech and Abdel-Khaliq provide vocals, and Olazaba serves as creative director), a set of roles they’ve been sharpening since they formed two years ago.

In that time they’ve inked a number of vibey, well-received singles and garnered some serious juice on Spotify. The tunes are styled cohesively, a smooth concoction of hip hop and R&B sonics with no small helping of that sunny, carefree LA flavour. Start with Mariposa and Mango to get the drift.

With the news that Peach Tree Rascals are syncing up with 10K Projects, we can only expect bigger things to come. For a crew that’s come this far on singles, fans would be particularly excited at the prospect of a larger release – though nothing is confirmed as of yet.

For now, there’s more than enough to enjoy from Peach Tree Rascals.


Things Won’t Go My Way is out now via 10K Projects / Caroline Australia.