Introducing Rowboy, your new favourite guitarist from outer space

Introducing Sparrow Daley aka Rowboy, a psychedelic, loop-driven, single-man act based out of Central Victoria. He’s also an alien.

The guitar-slinging psychonaut has today revealed his debut single, and laid the groundwork for his work to come. Higher is a tripped out fantasy, an ode to dreams that never end and highs that never come down.

rowboy sparrow daley higher

You’ll never want to come down from Higher. Hear the first single from Rowboy today, a tripped-out mindscape beamed straight from the outer reaches.

“Higher was an improvised song I wrote while recording in a tiny secret voiceover studio in Oregon,” said Sparrow of the track. “It was hidden in a spare bedroom, behind a mirror and up a ladder.”

“Inside the space, every wall was covered with plush animals and there were these gentle beetles crawling all over everything – I loved it.”

Higher evolves as every loop-driven track should, with a beating certainty. Sparrow’s demented lyrics chant for a heightened state of euphoria, as rythmic guitars drive the message home. It’s a wonderland for the delirious, and we’re looking forward to hearing what other sonic adventures Rowboy has in store.

If you dig what you’re hearing, you won’t have to wait long before more music comes your way. While he travelled between Oregon and California, Rowboy completed an album which he will be drip-feeding fans throughout 2018.

Each track from the album will be released one by one throughout the year, so keep your ears to the ground.

Until then, catch Rowboy live at the Higher single launch, Saturday March 24 at the Brunswick Hotel. Grab all the details here.