Ball Park Music have been consistently amazing for almost a decade

Ball Park Music have been the band humming in the background of Australia’s ears for longer than most people realise. The hardworking Brisbane band have been steady yet daring in carving a career for themselves, one which is now more solid than ever.

Just when we thought their 2016 record Every Night The Same couldn’t get any better, they release their latest album GOOD MOOD, taking out number five in the ARIA charts in its first week of release. And with a sold out tour underway very shortly, it has become apparent to more people than one that Ball Park Music are one of the most consistent talents this industry has known.

Their quirky and unique pop sound has won the hearts of many, and that loveable twang weaving stories of suburban streets, growing loves and unbreakable friendships has shot Ball Park Music into a league of their own.

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Photo: Dani Hansen

Ball Park Music have proved themselves to be one of our most talented and refreshingly consistent bands, with GOOD MOOD only driving the point further home.

So what is the backstory for this suburban Brisbane band?  The venerable five piece met whilst studying music at Queensland Institute of Technology, and jumped on the back of lead vocalist Sam Cromack’s early solo work. Thus the Ball Park Music we know was born.

Releasing their first EP Rolling on the Floor, Laughing Ourselves to Sleep in 2009, triple j was quick off the mark in taking the band under their wing and Ball Park Music have stayed close ever since. They’ve played stages at Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival and numerous headline tours over their nearly decade-long career.

With a significant break taken between their 2012 record Museum and follow-up Puddinghead, their fervour was rampant by the time the since-acclaimed album was released. Wowing audiences with singles like Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You and Coming Down, it seemed that Puddinghead was as good as anyone could have asked for.

Cue 2018 and they’ve released GOOD MOOD, their fifth studio album.

Filled with a nuanced maturity and bright pop undertones, Exactly As You Are was a smash success and their 2017 Like a Version was one of the most well received of that year. Slowly sneaking back into our ears when we didn’t even realise they had slipped out, they created yet another cracker of an album.

BPM have become wallpaper on the house of Australian music and no matter how far away they stride, it somehow feels like they’re still in the room.

With sold out shows in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, as well as other major capital cities, it would seem that the rest of Australia is nodding their heads in agreement that Ball Park Music have done them proud.

Supported by the ever impressive Ali Barter, the GOOD MOOD tour is one which has catapulted the band into new heights of success and acclaim from industry and their audiences alike.

Consistent and always challenging themselves and those who think they know them, Ball Park Music are the band of the moment, and without realising it they have become a band of a decade, potentially that of a generation.


Ball Park Music’s latest album GOOD MOOD is out now.


This article and more are available in print in Happy Mag Issue 7. Grab your copy here