Introducing: Savoir

This trio hailing from Perth, is slowly emerging within the Australian music scene with their hypnotic, mesmerising sound. Produced by the talented Andrew Sinclair and James Ireland – whose solo work you should also definitely be indulging in – you can almost feel where their two styles have collided, creating the mesh of ethereal funk that is Savoir. Sinclair’s sound takes your mind somewhere else, putting you into a meditative state, whilst Ireland hits you right in the chest, creating pulses that force you to move around.

Savoir combines world music with soulful electronic music, making them literally otherworldly – organic instrumentation & synths work in tropical harmony.

Led by the raw, tribal chant of Mei Saraswati – whose solo Frank Ocean cover is such a dream – tracks such as Zinli Rhythm will invite you and guide you through a humid, sticky rainforest.  Holding a similar vibe to Little Dragon, it’s hard to distinguish if these melodies are happy or sad – as I listen to Eternal, all I can think is that it is the same feeling you get when you’re anticipating something great about to happen. There is a sort of suspense within the music, beckoning you closer. Their track Malala has this strong presence of tropicana, giving it this chill and vibrant danceability.

Saraswati’s ability to simultaneously relax and excite the listener is what makes Savoir more of an experience than just background music – it’s hard not to become fully immersed. Definitely not one to be listening to with only one ear of your headphones in. If you commit I promise it will be worth it.

Savoir is part of the artist management group Astral People, home to pioneering electro experimentalists including Roland Tings, Rainbow Chan, Cosmo’s Midnight, Basenji, Moon Holiday  and loads more.



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