Introducing the effortless, jazz-laden hip hop of Avantdale Bowling Club

Avantdale Bowling Club is the newest project from hot-footed New Zealand MC Tom Scott, whose previous projects have included Homebrew, @peace, Average Rap Band, and more.

Scott’s isn’t a name that you may have come across without a vetted interest in Kiwi hip hop, but back home he commands attention. After listening to his new track Years Gone By, you’ll understand why.

avantdale bowling club tom scott

Hip hop marries jazz in Years Gone By, the remarkable debut single from Tom Scott’s star-studded new project Avantdale Bowling Club.

The track is a beautifully scripted autobiography, effectively the story so far for new listeners catching on to Scott for the first time. It plays over a wonderfully understated, jazzy backdrop, apparently written by a confluence of New Zealand’s most talented musicians.

Recorded at Red Bull Music Studios in Auckland, the upcoming Avantdale Bowling Club album includes appearances from Julien Dyne, Guy Harrison, Tom Dennison, Mara TK, Ben McNicoll and JY Jong-Yun Lee.

Years Gone By is immediately reminiscent of a more subdued Koi Child, Australia’s own jazz hop juggernauts. Scott’s flow is smooth as butter, the backing instrumentals are somehow even richer, and I didn’t even notice the track was seven minutes long on my first listen.

Listen to the track for yourself above, and keep an eye out for a full album from Avantdale Bowling Club this October.


Pre-order Avantdale Bowling Club’s self-titled debut album here.