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Introducing the quirky charisma and lyrical genius of Sam Cullen

You’re going to want to get to know Sam Cullen – he’s got a collection of talents up his sleeve. Pairing his own production flavour with a very unique vocal sound, Cullen makes something pretty special.

His latest release, Shut the Door, is an insanely fun tune with immense songwriting prowess. The lyrics are engaging and witty and the bassline is fire. Not to mention the accompanying video is a straight ace.

Sam Cullen shut the door

Photo: Sam Cullen on Facebook

Rapid up-and-comer Sam Cullen is a fire with a heap of fuel behind him, showing us why his alt pop tunes may just be the next big thing to come out of New Zealand.

Cullen possesses a great versatility in his songwriting, showcased by the difference between his first two releases. His debut single Small Town keeps the same lyrical cleverness and interesting production quirks as Shut the Door, but is far more reflective and melancholy than cheery.

Small Town is a beautiful track about the hardships of growing up somewhere small and dreaming of being a musician. Luckily for Sam, he’s crazy talented and is definitely making it out of that small town.

Live, Cullen showcases even more of his range in a highly energetic set utilising synths, drum pads and of course guitars, maintaining a delicate balance of flair and intimacy. This multi-talented display has won him the opportunity to play some pretty big lineups – and with good reason.

We’re super excited to see where this promising new artist goes from here (hopefully on an Australian tour).


Shut The Door is out now.


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March 5, 2019

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