PREMIERE: With fiery lyrics and insane trap beats, LAKER has dropped a killer new single in Waves

Far out, this is a track that moves faster than a freight train. If you’re looking for hard hitting, rapid, trap-infused hip hop then you’re in when it comes to LAKERHe’s beautifully blended a light hearted, melodic chorus with some seriously dank beats, darting in and out between.

LAKER writes of his growing confidence and the loss of inhibitions in his music or his personal life, and Waves is no different. Since his beginnings on Soundcloud and Facebook, LAKER has been catching the attention of those all across Australia.

His distinct vocal tone and well articulated influences have meant that his sound is equally unique as it is accessible. Waves is a triumphant entry into a new stage of writing and recording for the artist.


LAKER and his insanely fast paced opening lines blow you away before a low thump acknowledges a trap influence, weaving in and out to make for a complex and invigorating release.

He’s also got the visuals to give you a better idea of what LAKER is all about. His latest music video for single Never Speak is out and doing insane things, it’s ballsy and dark, but well worth a watch.

The track Waves also features rapper Kavelli, also out of the Gold Coast. Together the pair have come up with an eloquent mix of hard trap styles and free spilling hip hop lyricism. All with a distinct Australian flavour, which lends their sound to that of artists like B Wise and L-Fresh The Lion.

LAKER is rearing and ready to go, with Waves we can only hope that this is the first of many upcoming releases in time for summer.