Introducing: Thesis

Thesis are a self-described punk band from Western Sydney. The five piece have some bite to their sound and catchy song writing that is combined with some well recorded releases. Their first offering being last year’s debut EP Worth the Wait.


Sydney’s Thesis is full of youth, power, and grunge  and as lame as it sounds, will having you writing a thesis on this awesome- five-some and how they’re the ones to watch on the pop- punk scene.

This release sees an undeniable pop punk feel, teeming with youthful energy and a self-indulgent innocence. For some this is a must, for others a guilty pleasure, as Thesis, at least on their first offering, will no doubt remind you of such bands as Blink 182, All Time Low and Sum 41. For the most part this seven track EP is a pretty standard affair professing the bands ability to replicate what giants of the genre have been doing in their own way,with highlights being Face Palm, and Misplaced.

Here’s where things get interesting. The most recent release from Thesis, a 7” by the name of Holiday Home which dropped in March this year, ditches the pop punk aesthetic in the name their new found hardcore punk sound. I’m not saying this is on the same level, but it definitely rings true. The guitar tones are crunchier, gone is the preppy ‘let’s sound like I’m from LA’ vocals. This time around they have been traded for something much more raw and guttural. This not only marks a huge improvement for Thesis, but also feels as if it has them exploring what they are properly capable of, rather than emulating the style of other bands.

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Besides the predominately old school punk feel of Holiday Home there are elements swimming around here and there within their sound that are most assuredly of a post punk origin. This is great, as it adds a modern edge to their sound. I can only imagine that with an already growing fan base, Thesis are only going to get bigger and bolder with their killer live shows.



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