Introducing: @peace

Ahh it’s got those sweet Kendrick Lamar level chilled out vibes about it, but more lyrical and with some hints of soul and jazz. It’s a supremely new approach to hip hop and feels like something revolutionary coming out of New York or LA but no…all the credit must be attributed to those sneaky New Zealanders, who are all the rage and producing some killer tunes across the board at the moment. @peace are not only producing some jamming tunes, but combine it with lyrics different to a majority of the hip hop that is being released at the moment, tackling themes such as evolution, mortality and space travel, deep guys, deep. at peace

New Zealand’s hip hop group @peace will have you saying ‘om’ all day everyday. Smooth and slick as can been, these dudes are super chill, singing about deep stuff .

@peace is a group made up of two vocalists and three producers and is signed with the label, Young, Gifted and Broke. The group was formed kind of as a side project of another New Zealand project called Homebrewcrew. Their debut album @peace and the Plutonian Noise Symphony dropped in March this year and is completely sold out in CD and vinyl form on the band’s website.

It’s an 11 track album which is full of eccentric, quirky thoughts turned lyrics, combined with some amazing brass, melodic feature artists and underlying keyboard that melts your brain. For some personal favourites to be found on the band’s Soundcloud (at-peace) check out tracks: Where I Come From and Lite Year

“The album’s a bit hard to understand if you’ve been programmed by regular music”, says vocalist Tom Scott of their most recent release. “A lot of the record is about some far off stuff that probably isn’t going to be suitable for the regular person – but with the special cosmic dust we’ve put in these cupcakes, you’ll definitely have your mind open.” Well if you’re making music like this and offering cupcakes, I think we’ll get along just fine.



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