Holm. – somewhere between here & you

If electronic, experimental chillout beats are your thing, then you’re gonna wanna take a listen to downtempo electronic beatmaker, J Thatcher May aka Holm.(with a dot for clarity sake) – the New York City-via-Boston artist with a soft spot for spoken word narration and penchant for punctuation.holm

Holm.’s motivational music taps into a stream of relatable consciousness. His confident rap sensibility and meaningful lyricism makes his storytelling incredibly vivid.

Self-described as “slightly lonely music for slightly lonely people,” Holm.’s tunes are not for the faint-hearted. His songs not only display the melancholy of a broken heart or the sadness of loss, but also depict a cohesive narrative with considerable emotional resonance. Slow burning, heart-wrenching and despondent, it accomplishes the type of electronic mastery that will both satisfy and depress you instantaneously. Or as he describes : “sometimes when its v late at night i like to make music that makes me feel like I’m floating above everything and its nighttime and everything is really pretty man.” That’s what we feel like too. Celestial beings drifting gravity-less above the atmosphere with the gauziness of Holm.’s ambient jams.

The Boston producer’s recently released EP, somewhere between here & you., is a six-track collection of downtempo, low-fi, electronic pop which takes a slight departure from his earlier work, veering towards a harder-hitting, post-punk direction. The EP’s raw, narrative-driven lyrics and bare syntax provide a unique contrast to Holm.’s quintessential whimsical ambient pop framework. In short lived, we hear the slightly off-kilter spoken word vocals of Holm. set against playful guitar strums and a summer melody. Titular track somewhere between here & you maintains the distinctive quality of Holm.’s dialogical vocals, incorporating glimmering percussion and sprightly chimes which creates a mesmerising effect.

Holm.’s characteristic combination of airy tunes and dynamic spoken word narration, reflects a binary coalescence of contrasting musical tones and textures that mesh surprisingly effortlessly with one another. If you’re feeling slightly lonely, be sure to check out somewhere between here and you . Plus there are free downloads! We’d be throwing money at Holm. right now, but to do that we’d have to buy a ticket to NY and that’s pretty expensive :(



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