Is there a "second wave" of coronavirus happening in Australia?

Is there a “second wave” of coronavirus happening in Australia?

Parts of Australia have gone back into lockdown amid the recent spike of coronavirus in Victoria. Over 300,000 people within 36 suburbs and 10 postcodes may only leave their homes for work, school, exercise, and to buy essential supplies or to give and receive care. People fear a second wave has begun.

The Stage 3 coronavirus restrictions are being enforced with the threat of large fines and possible jail time.

Is the second wave of coronavirus starting in Australia? Parts of Victoria go back into Stage 3 lockdown amid a recent spike.

At the time of this article, there are 442 active cases of coronavirus in Victoria, with 66 new cases recorded today. Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has voiced his concern over the spike and warns that more suburbs may soon face lockdown.

People in “hot-spot” areas have been asked to stay within their suburbs, with heavy fines and possible jail time awaiting them if they break the rules. Police have begun to set up checkpoints surrounding the suburbs, although residents have reportedly begun to forge fake addresses on their driver’s licenses.

Some areas have been ineffectively “split through the middle” and residents are questioning the logic behind the decisions. In one instance, half of the street is in lockdown whilst the other isn’t.

One resident told the Guardian: “That feels totally redundant, How are they going to police that? If the police pull me up and ask where I live I’ll just say the other side.”

Other state premiers are warning citizens to not visit Victoria. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said:

“Please do not go to Victoria. We cannot risk removing our border restrictions for those people coming from areas in Victoria right now.”

New South Wales Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, also warns citizens to keep hot spot residents out of their homes to reduce the spread.