Meet Isla Rose, and her EP that leaves you pondering with ‘No Answers’

Are you a fan of Lana Del Ray, Lorde, or just straight-up honest music? Well, if so, you’re in for a treat.

Isla Rose, a Kentucky native now based in London, just dropped her debut project ‘No Answers’ and it’s packed full of raw, unfiltered emotion and layered production. In March of 2020, Isla took the first step towards the creation of ‘No Answers’ and began teaching herself piano without any prior melodic instrument experience.

She overcame her insecurity and created something she’s happy with, telling herself, “fuck it, I’m gonna do it even if it’s terrible – I’m going to learn how to produce and write and see what I can do.” This vital step was paramount in Isla’s ability to experiment and focus on approaching the project from a point of her own personal interest and inspiration; a step that paid off in leaps and bounds. 

isla rose
Credit: Rachel Deeb

The EP starts off with ‘My Adeline’, a perfect blend of modern indie-pop and bluesy writing that’ll have you hooked from the opening notes. Isla’s lyrical approach is poetic and thought-provoking, building a vivid world for the listener to immerse themselves in. The chorus hits hard with the message “don’t you let me go, don’t let go my Adeline, leaving a lasting impression, and cementing a notion of desire and longing amidst sweeping verses of packed lyricism. 

Next up is ‘I’m Sorry’, a track that hits you right in the gut with its raw, powerful energy. The instrumentation is orchestral and epic, building to a climax in the chorus that’ll have you feeling all sorts of things. Isla’s rapid lyricism perfectly captures the feeling of mental overload, with the production balancing a high-energy anxiousness with moments of restraint that leaves the listener feeling as though they are safe within the eye of the storm. 

The third track, ‘Let Me Take You’, is a vibrant and liberating release that feels like a Taylor Swift and Halsey collab with a pinch of Purity Ring gothicism. The synths and harmonies create a textured backdrop for Isla’s vocals to dance playfully between. Isla explains that “It’s about freedom. The ability to do what you want to, without having to conform to the rules of society. It’s about discovering new parts of self, people, and the world around you, all while trying new things, and allowing yourself to be independent from social constructs”. It’s the kind of track that works as the perfect anthem for anyone going through a coming-of-age journey.

Finally, we have ‘Your Eyes’, an introspective track that feels like floating in the ocean on a starry night, lost in thought. Isla’s vocal range is on full display here, effortlessly moving from low registers to delicate intimacy in the bridge. The production choices are more daring, making for a cinematic and satisfying conclusion to the EP.

Isla Rose is a talented songwriter, musician, and producer who has truly come into her own with ‘No Answers’. Her love for music shines through in every aspect of the project, from the songwriting to the production. If you’re a fan of honest and emotionally charged music, then Isla Rose is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Watch “I’m Sorry” below and listen to No Answers here.