Isobel Knight mulls everything over on exceptional sophomore, 'Here Now'

Isobel Knight mulls everything over on exceptional sophomore, ‘Here Now’

From the Blue Mountains to Brooklyn, singer/songwriter Isobel Knight has returned with a deeply personal sophomore that leaves no stone unturned.

Currently based in Sydney, Isobel Knight is a folk/soul artist whose songwriting speaks for itself. Carefully observant and candour, Knight has garnered a loyal following from her collection of vulnerable and beautifully melodic musings. Her previous effort, Talking To Myself, was warm, indie-folk bliss, but on Here Now, her second full length, the water runs colder. This is a body of work for lighting candles, laying down, and reflecting.

Recorded in New York City alongside producer Bob Mallory and the grammy-winning Alex de Turk, we’re not only treated to some of Knights best cuts, but also her best production. If you missed out on her live shows before lockdown struck, here’s what to expect from the 10 tracks.

Isobel Knight

Conversationist kicks off the record with thumping drums, strings, and piano. Knight sings softly and sweetly but also makes time to belt out more emotional recallings – “So you walked down King Street on your own”.

The 5-minute track details a journey of lost love and where they stand now. It showcases the Aussie grit of Missy Higgins, the open-book honesty of Joni Mitchell, and the vocal flexibility of Gretta Ray, making for an unforgettable listening experience.

Title track Here Now runs in a gentle 6/8 time, marking a moment to slow down and appreciate your community. Meanwhile, Start Again cuts off the ropes that grip too tight, “I’ll have a body that your hands will never touch”Everything You Touch is pure acapella, a brilliant showcase of when to stack the harmonies and when to leave the melody alone.


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Later down the tracklist, Knight sings a song of praise to folk legend Woody Guthrie, describing his truth-telling as a “brave and beautiful thing to try and do”.

It’s here that we begin to see how Knight’s work is shaped. Inspired by her travels, the places and the people she’s met, but unafraid to sing the unspoken.

Closing track Visions utilises a synth drone, ambient keys and a humble acoustic for a final moment of reflection, this time about the creative’s future and what that could, or should, look like.

Overall, Here Now flows like a therapy session, with each moment of clarity a distinct reminder to love yourself, and hold loved ones close.

“It’s about picking yourself up from mistakes and difficult things and starting fresh”, Knight commments.

Listen to Here Now below: