Raphael Love paints a melancholic, hazy state on ‘The Same Dream’

Raphael Love mixes vintage and modern elements of art-pop for his latest offering, The Same Dream.

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Raphael Love actually started his musical journey by penning two novels and a collection of poetry. Now, he’s taking his idiosyncratic perspectives to the realm of dream pop, with a steady guitar and a smoky voice at the ready.

Let’s explore the hazy state of The Same Dream, Love’s official debut single.

Raphael Love

Working alongside producer/artist Joshua Moriarty, Love is able to conjure up a swelling soundscape teeming with both modern and vintage elements.

The track begins with some reverbed, rewinded synths that build anticipation for a soft piano, strings and Love’s wistful imagery: “you cut the flowers at your feet”.

Gently, acoustic guitar, vibrato electric, and a rhythm section join in, lulling the listener into a trance. Next, the hook-laden melody takes over, drawing meaning from the powerful juxtaposition of “fire and rain”, paying homage to James Taylor. While Taylor and other acoustic-wielding greats like Paul Simon are key influences, so are the ambient workings of modern alt acts such as Radiohead.


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It’s difficult to merge these two worlds, but Love pulls it off with flying colours; his literary origins serving as a thoughtful template for the hazy soundscape.

Lyrically, the hook “fire and rain” can be interpreted as two opposites attracting. The subsequent heartbreak and journey to acceptance that follows are sombre but beautiful.

Listen to The Same Dream (Over Again) from Raphael Love below: