Oily Apples rap ‘decadence and elegance’ on astounding debut, ‘Juno’

Oily Apples are here to entertain, stake their claim, and deliver unbelievable wordplay on debut single, Jugo.

Oily Apples describe themselves as a “conglomerate of loquacious floaters and stylistic nomads. A weaving loom of familiarity and individuality”. If this isn’t any indicator of their next-level wordplay, I don’t know what is.

Unsurprisingly, the Brisbane collective has pulled out all the stops on debut single Jugo. So, let’s run through the most memorable moments, and why Oily Apples deserve a place on your radar.

Raphael Love

Firstly, there’s the Latino influence. Tasteful acoustic embellishments and brass sprawl all across a trap beat, adding flavour and atmosphere to an already juicy track.

Secondly, there are the flows. All members of the apples barely take a breath in their respective verses, dishing out references, “swim good”, cryptic lyrics, “depends on the mood, I heated the feud, now enemies none, just me and my room” and energy “I got the juice!” at every corner.

Thirdly, there’s the content. The Oily Apples go for a digitally-animated aesthetic, indicating playfulness and secrecy, oddly reminiscent of The Gorillaz. Take a look at the press shots above! The Pacman-shaped bass is a personal favourite.


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What is this high-energy rap about, you ask? The collective describes Jugo as “about the fallout from self-destruction”. 

The listening experience feels like a victory lap, but the boys don’t hide the struggles and systems that came with this creative endeavour.

“We just wanna have a beer with you 2 or 3 minutes at a time. Hype you out, chill you out, whatever”. If this is only the Apples’ debut, we can’t wait to see how hard they spit it on their upcoming LP, Latino Heat.

Listen to Jugo below: