Biden pushes Israel-Palestine ceasefire despite U.S weapons sale to Israel

American President, Joe Biden sells Israel $735 million worth of weaponry as his call for a ceasefire falls on deaf ears.

Unresolved tensions regarding land ownership between Israeli and Palestinians have been occurring for decades.

In the past week, the world has witnessed the culmination of this tension, resulting in irreparable carnage. But, unfortunately, two decades of peace talks and a resolution for the conflict is yet to be met.

Israel Israeli Palestine Palestinian Hamas Conflict Violence Biden
Image: Council on Foreign Relations

Palestine’s militant group, Hamas, rule Gaza, and have been fighting Israel for more than a week. This war has resulted in the deaths of 227 people in Gaza and 12 in Israel.

Palestinians say that they are suffering from Israel’s strict border regulations of Gaza. However, Israel claims they are enforcing these restrictions to protect themselves from the Hamas.

Recently, President Biden has come under heavy scrutiny for facilitating the supply of hefty weaponry to Israel.

However, members within the Democratic Party are currently attempting to block this sale to Israel.

Biden’s deal with Israel was approved a week before the conflict between Israel and Palestine broke out, although it is still waiting for congressional approval.

Despite Biden’s apparent pro-war actions, he strongly urges a request for a cease-fire from Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

However, this request has been rejected by Netanyahu, who insists that the war on Palestine will continue “until its objective is achieved“.

Israel Palestine Conflict Biden Netanyahu
Image: Council of Foreign Relations

However, mounting pressure from the international community, including the U.S. and Egypt, could see a cease-fire by Friday. Concerns are increasing regarding the likelihood of militant attacks after a cease-fire is met.

Tensions within Biden’s party to quickly resolve the conflict between Israel and Hamas has resulted in the President demanding an end to the violence as death tolls rise.

Sunday morning saw the deadliest attack on Gaza yet, with the death of 42 civilians as three buildings plummeted to the ground.

Israel is blaming Hamas for the civilian deaths, claiming it is the militant group’s fault for operating attacks on Israel in the same area that their civilians live in.

A senior commander labelled renting an office next to Hamas as “a very bad idea” and advised people against it, with no mention of stopping the attacks.

Concerns regarding the guilt Israel authorities felt over the death of civilians were raised after Israel tweeted rocket emojis after Gaza’s death toll passed 200.

Civilians are clearly feeling helpless and terrified during this time. Hopefully, Israel and Hamas can reach an agreement soon, so that no more innocent lives are lost in the firing line.

Support and a push for this from the international community seems like a good start and has proved somewhat effective in pressuring the end of this violence.