PREMIERE: ‘Life In Hollywood’ by Corduroy Spaceship

Nestled within an inter-galactic retro pocket, Corduroy Spaceship releases his neo-noir music video for, Life In Hollywood.

Indie-electro artist, Corduroy Spaceship, explodes in his rocket of synths and cinematic strings with his music video, Life In Hollywood. 

The Melbourne musician delivers the Life In Hollywood visuals just weeks after his record was released of the same name. The five-track EP is a swizzle of space-psych and sonic mastery.

Corduroy Spaceship

The video takes Corduroy Spaceship’s sound to a level without gravity. Filmed with a vintage camera between digital and super 8, the video is saturated with Stranger Things styled synths, while the artist melts into the backdrop of projected videos depicting a retro life in Hollywood.

The haunting and nostalgic projections glisten over the screen, bringing to life a dream that can be seen but never touched.


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As an added texture within the footage, the neon shades of red and blue glisten over the screen, blending together like 3D lenses – almost trying to bring to life something that doesn’t exist anymore.

Life In Hollywood nestles as a homage to a world that once was, with Corduroy Spaceship orchestrating the dream-like sequence with a vibrant psych reverb and creative limitlessness.

The artists’ textural layering in the tune marks his sound to dwell from the same planet as Methyl Ethel and Tame Impala. The sunrise synths are magnified with a colour-bursting electric guitar riff, all while the visual stories of glamour-filled Hollywood, echo from the projector.

The musician and producer mentioned the EP process was quite lonesome, having written the record in Melbourne;

“There is no one to bounce ideas off or gain some kind of confidence from, which I find creates a never-ending loop with no feedback”, he recalls.

But was has sprung from Corduroy Spaceship’s isolation, is a delve into his creative psyche, the nooks and crannies of a stunningly retro-indie sound.

Check out the dreamy Life In Hollywood visuals below: