Palestine celebrates ceasefire but Israel doubts that peace will prevail

After nearly two weeks of chaos and carnage, the war between Israel and Hamas militants ceases in the name of peace.

What has been described as “the worst fighting in years” between the two groups has come to an end, for now.

Whilst the militant group, Hamas, celebrates their perseverance against a mightier foe, the jubilee appears in vain.

Image: Scientific American

Since May 10, 232 Palestinians lost their lives, including 65 children, while Israel’s death toll sits at 12. The trauma and incredible loss experienced by those in Gaza will never be mended by mere celebrations.

Contrasting to Palestinian rejoice, Israeli’s pre-empt another escalation soon.

Initially revoking a cease-fire, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet voted in favour of a mutual truce in Gaza, with Hamas agreeing to abide.

The decision has been commended by President Joe Biden, who vowed to work with the United Nations in an effort to rapidly re-construct Gaza.

In just 11 days, 16,800 housing units were damaged, with 1,000 completely destroyed and 1,800 deemed unfit for living. Additionally, multi-million dollar damages were wreaked on factories and industrial facilities.

Biden also mentioned that the US would be replenishing Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system.

The Iron Dome houses “radars, computers and missile packs” that use technologies to intercept incoming missiles and protect the Israeli population. The Dome has been instrumental in lowering Israel’s death toll, particularly within the past 11 days. The Dome’s success in saving lives has been noted by other countries, including India and Saudi Arabia.

Despite enhancing protection efforts within Israel, no financial aid will be granted to Hamas by the US and other nations.

This is largely due to its international reputation as a terrorist organisation, though this label has been repeatedly disputed as a Western projection.

Biden clarified that the re-construction would be carried out in partnership with Palestinian Authorities, and had no association with Hamas militants.

The presence of Israel’s Dome may contribute to future peace-keeping efforts, though many see the Dome’s presence as one of ‘passive intimidation’ due to a clear imbalance in financial aid, and weaponry.