A$AP Rocky talks Rihanna Romance and anticipated Morrissey Collab

A$AP Rocky talks highly of his latest collaborators, Rihanna and former Smiths frontman, Morrissey, romantically and professionally speaking.

After years of friendship, the Harlem rapper and RnB princess are officially an item and off the market. Fans have speculated romance between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky for years, hyping up a partnership that has finally come to fruition.

In a recent interview with GQ, Rocky gushed over his new boo, affectionately referring to her as “the love of my life” and stating that “She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones…when you know, you know”.

asap rocky rihanna romance fenty
Image: Dazed Beauty

Fans joked about Rocky’s apparent revelation of the singer, stating that ‘loving’ Rihanna was not a feeling exclusive to him:

The chemistry the two shares is clearly undeniable – from their performances to their product collaborations, Rihanna and Rocky have always had a spark that was waiting to ignite. Just peep this performance from 2019 and tell us you did not see this one coming!

The pair have known each other since 2013, when Rocky opened for Rihanna during her world tour. Being friends for so long has clearly built a strong foundation for the couple to progress their relationship to one of romance.

Over the years, the two have collaborated creatively. From featuring in Rocky’s music video ‘Fashion Killa‘ to working together on Rihanna’s Fenty Skincare, they clearly share similar creative interests as artists and individuals.

Now Rocky is working on his own clothing line while collaborating with Rihanna and former Smiths frontman, Morrissey, on an upcoming LP titled All Smiles. The collaboration is highly anticipated, with fans eager to see what these contrasting musicians muster.

GQ mentioned that Morrissey has been highly involved in the album’s conception, taking on multiple roles as writer, producer and vocal contributor.

Morrissey ASAP Rocky Rihanna collab
Image: NME

Both artists herald from very different musical backgrounds, but as the old saying goes – opposites attract. We are sure this partnership will be no exception.

While road-tripping from LA to NYC with Rihanna, the two listened to a bunch of rock bands, including the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead, and soul artists, including Curtis Mayfield.

All things considered, the influence these greats may have on the overall vibe of All Smiles will be interesting.