Italian woman wins $1m Picasso painting after her son bought her a raffle ticket

You would not believe the excitement of the Italian mother who won an original Picasso painting last week, which is worth over 1 million dollars.

Yep, 1 million dollars.

Woman wins Picasso work
Photo: Charles Platiau/Reuters

Claudia Borgogno received a single raffle ticket, which ended up winning an original Picasso work, worth over 1 million buckaroos. 

Claudia Borgogno was gifted a single raffle ticket from her son for Christmas because he knew just how much she loved the famous artist. The ticket was then picked from an electronic draw at the auction house Christies in Paris. The prize was none other than Picasso’s 1921 still-life Nature Morte.

Of course, Borgogno couldn’t contain her excitement when it was revealed that she was the winner:

“I have never won anything before!” the 58-year-winner told the It’s been incredible!”

After Italy has suffered immensely over recent months due to the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that the exciting news could not have come at a better time. Borgogno’s son, Lorenzo Naso, who purchased the ticket stated:

“It was a pretty awful period for us during this lockdown and now it’s great news. It was maybe the best decision of my life…. When I arrived and I told her she has won she was like: ‘Please don’t joke’.” 

The raffle was held as a part of a huge charity auction in which donations and raffle ticket purchases totalled over $5 million, with the money to be used to provide clean drinking water and renovate facilities in Cameroon, Madagascar, and Morocco.

The small still life, which is a signed Picasso work, displays a newspaper and a glass of absinthe on a wood table and was painted in 1921. It was the smallest of a collection of over 300 works by the Spanish artist.

There’s nothing like some wholesome news to brighten up the day, and we are cheering for Borgogna, who is one very lucky lady indeed.