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Sweaty, beautiful fun: Ivey had a ripper 2017, and they’re just getting started

If anyone tries to tell you that Ivey didn’t have a massive year in 2017, you can punch them in the face or something ’cause that’s a straight out lie. Well, don’t punch them in the face. But they’re still wrong.

Touring with some straight Aussie royalty and clocking up some major heat around their latest single Out Of Time, Ivey are showing all signs of greatness. Ahead of Ozfest Block Party, Ivey’s first show of the year, we caught up with the band for the latest.

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Road trips, upcoming tunes and tour tips: Ivey had nothing short of their biggest year ever in 2017. Now, they’re ready to push the envelope even further.

HAPPY: You guys have had a huge year in 2017, massive supports with the likes of Montaigne, Middle Kids and Cub Sport, what has been the highlight?

IVEY: Yeah we were so stoked to support some of our favourite artists last year and so happy to call some of them friends now, but our highlight was definitely our first annual end of year party, was huge!

HAPPY: Tell us a bit about OzFest and what we can expect from this killer entry into 2018?

IVEY: OzFest is really cool as. The Gold Coast doesn’t really have many festivals at all, it’s a great place for smaller local bands to take on bigger stages and interact with touring acts and hopefully build relationships from there! You can expect some killer dancing, many a mosh, and probably some shoeys, there’s always shoeys at Sharkbar for some reason hahaaha.

HAPPY: What would you say has been the biggest lesson learned last year as a band or otherwise?

IVEY: To just keep pushing, we’ve been in the industry long enough to know that you need to work really fucking hard and not really rely on anyone else but yourself.

HAPPY: Tell us about the end of year party? Looks like it was a riot!

IVEY: Yeah it was huge! We were lucky enough to get heaps of friends on the lineup as well as heaps of friends helping out behind the scenes with artwork, decoration and promotion and to see the event almost sell out on its first run was epic. Extremely sweaty, beautiful and fun.

HAPPY: You released a pretty dope tour wrap video, tell us a bit about the trip!

IVEY: Yeah it was a nice little run of shows in the second half of the year, we got to just shoot around south east Queensland and play a bunch of shows with a bunch of our favourite artists and friends and just run and muck. We had really good reactions from most of the shows and it’s really nice to start gaining recognition not only from our recorded music but from our live shows.

HAPPY: And what would you say your top three tips would be for staying sane on the road?

IVEY: One, take headphones. Two, stay well fed. Three, hydrate (with the beverage of ur choice) and get lit cause it’s fun.

HAPPY: Any new years resolutions?

IVEY: We’re going to focus on doing a lot of writing this year, try and get together three times a week purely for writing purposes.

HAPPY: If you have someone who is hitting the stage at OzFest who you would recommend catching who is it?

IVEY: Our good mates Peach Fur! We’ve grown up with these boys and they’re a bunch of fun and about to release heaps of new music, please go see them!

HAPPY: What direction can you see Ivey going this year and what are you hoping to achieve?

IVEY: We’ve taken a step back and definitely starting to analyse our music a whole lot more, guess that comes with not being 15/16 years old anymore and actually kinda sorta knowing what we’re doing. Our sound’s definitely changing too.We are going to release our second EP this year, and tour that. So see you then?!


Catch Ivey at Ozfest 2018 alongside Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Polish Club and more:

Saturday January 27 – Miami Tavern, Gold Coast – Tickets



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