Jaala’s Hard Hold is the most soothing explosion

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After being dubbed one of 2015’s best new music finds, the Melbourne four-piece Jaala continue to show us why on their debut album Hard Hold. A roller coaster ride of sonic and emotional dips, dives and discoveries, their experimental bedroom punk will have a [hard] hold on you from the get-go!

Jaala Hard Hold debut

A hectic mish mash of jazz, punk and rock, frenetic Melbourne four piece Jaala don’t disappoint with their debut Hard Hold as one of 2015’s best finds.

Recorded over one week with Paul Bender from Hiatus Kaiyote, front woman Cosima Jaala and her crew have smashed together punk, jazz and rock to create a seriously unique sounding break-up album. Making the decision to record it live with minimal overdubbing has resulted in a record that feels sonically and emotionally dangerous. Loaded with intense riffs and frank feels, it’s a jarring joyride of surprises. So, make sure you buckle up and hold on tight when you have a listen to this one.

The title track kicks off the rollercoaster vibes. Starting slow and creeping closer towards the tipping point, your excitement builds as you sense all hell is about to break loose. So, when the moment arrives and you’re sling-shot into a frenetic mess of dizzying jazz and volatile vocals, you experience a shockwave of thrills. But, while Jaala’s vocals can be fantastically feisty at times, during Lowlands and Salt Shaker they hit the achingly beautiful mark. Infused with ample amounts of heavy-hearted feels, these tunes are gorgeously raw.

Unleashing an onslaught of crazed screams and unpredictable punk riffs, the rest of the album sees you hanging on for dear life. Double Dutch sees Jaala break into unrelenting shrieks that rip up the smooth jazz beat. Order and Ticket meanwhile are brilliantly explosive. Wild screeching electrifies the disjointed grooves as the tunes corkscrew out of control. It’s terrifying at times, but in a really enjoyable way. Hymn then swings back into the soothing soundscape we experienced at the beginning. Releasing the final surge of heartache, the sweetly melancholic vocals are completely gripping.

Jaala’s eccentric and unpredictable sound really does go from one extreme to the next. Beautifully soothing at times and dangerously explosive during others, it’s one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard all year. With their debut album out now through Wondercore Island, they’re doing a few shows along the East Coast which you definitely don’t want to miss.

Dec 05 John Curtain Bandroom – Melbourne
Dec 12 Brighton Up Bar – Darlinghurst
Dec 31 Boney – Melbourne
Feb 03 Oxford Arts Factory – Darlinghurst
Feb 04 Oxford Arts Factory – Sydney
Feb 09 Corner Hotel – Melbourne

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