Toilets, tampons and teddy bears. You have to watch Jaala’s video for Salt Shaker

The charismatic Melbourne four-piece Jaala have entered a late contender for video of the year with the amazingly bizarre clip for Salt Shaker.

Cosima Jaala

Directed by Thomas Henning, the clip sees front-woman Cosima Jaala wonder the desert, reflecting on the good and bad of living in a shitty small town. It’s a bit of a trip to view, and one that doesn’t require some lazy kaleidoscopic effects.

Speaking to The Fader about making the clip Jaala said “Making the clip felt like a ritualistic coming-to-terms with my childhood, a strange exorcism. Things got weird: we were out on the dunes for nine hours in the sun. Thomas Henning, the director, became a tomato, as did I. I never saw him drink water; I myself suckled the warm XXXX Gold tinnies, because it ‘felt right’.

A man called Bruce was out there getting some time away from the missus, slaying the dunes in his buggy. He helped us carry gear back and forth. Thank you Bruce; we would’ve been royally fucked without you. In much of the clip I am on the toilet, where shits, revelations, decisions, and songs come to be. The toilet is also a place where I can practice peeing whilst standing up“.

Salt Shaker comes from Jaala’s debut album Hard / Hold which will be released November 20 through Wondercore Island.

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