‘Don’t Go Loving the Same’ by Jacqui Lumsden is a dance/cry alt-pop banger

Independent singer/songwriter Jacqui Lumsden effortlessly paints a picture of grief and growth on single, Don’t Go Loving the Same.

Jacqui Lumsden, the lead singer of Creature Fear, has been a valuable member of the Melbourne music scene since 2015.

She’s toured with the likes of Ball Park Music and Killing Heidi, treating audiences to her impassioned vocals and synth-heavy instrumentals.

Her latest solo effort, Don’t Go Loving the Same, is a dynamic masterstroke, outlining the radical inner changes we experience after a hurtful breakup.

Jacqui Lumsden

The atmospheric track begins with melancholy synths and staccato strings, as Lumsden begins reflecting, “Am I supposed to be sympathetic, am I supposed to care?”.

The melody oscillates so naturally, like an Aurora cut, which is some seriously high praise. Similarly, her lingering words aim right for the heart, speaking bluntly to the listener.

When the chorus hits, you’ll be woken from your pondering, as cascading synths and forthright percussion emphasise the artists’ word of warning. “Don’t go loving the same”.

Though the emotions of this single are heavy, the track ultimately holds a positive message about rediscovering yourself. While a breakup can be soul-crushing, once you put out the flames, what’s left is a stronger, more rounded individual with newfound wisdom and strength.

Lumsden’s sharp poetic lyricism reads like a letter, perfectly accompanied by her signature synth instrumentation. Messages of resilience and maturing feel paramount during these tumultuous times.

Lumsden’s perspective is at its most salient on Don’t Go Loving the Same, as we excitedly anticipate her future musical endeavours.

Listen to Don’t Go Loving the Same below.