Jamaica’s last vinyl factory Tuff Gong will start pressing vinyl again for the first time in years

Founded by Bob Marley in 1965, Tuff Gong is set to relaunch it’s vinyl manufacturing services thanks to a new partnership with US-based company Sunpress Vinyl.

Tuff Gong has remained the official Carribean distributor for Universal Music, Warner Music Group and Disney Music Group. However, the label’s pressing services have been gathering dust for a number of years, until today.

tuff gong vinyl

The Marley family’s seminal Jamaican label Tuff Gong is riding the vinyl comeback, set to begin pressing their own records once again.

Vinyl news has been especially meaty lately with the industry set to hit 10 figures this year, outselling digital downloads for the first time ever and seeing it’s best numbers in 25 years in the UK.

Tuff Gong is the latest to be piggybacked upon the revolution, and it’s a welcome return to the world of wax.

Tuff Gong’s general manager Marie Bruce said: “Bob Marley’s vision was that of a one stop record production, manufacturing and distribution facility. The interest in owning music in vinyl format has experienced eight consecutive years of growth, and Tuff Gong is happy to rejoin this movement”.

The company takes it’s title from Marley’s nickname ‘Gong’, which was a reference to the founder of Rastafarianism Leonard “The Gong” Howell. ‘Tuff’ is a broader reference, as Marley believed one had to be ‘Tuff’ to make it in the reggae game.

Via FACT Mag.