We made Drunk Mums interview The Pinheads but 9/10 doctors don’t recommend reading the answers

While neither The Pinheads nor Drunk Mums ever claimed to be intellectuals, there’s a definite yet hard-to-place wisdom behind their words. Like watching a chimpanzee learning to use tools, seeing these two speak in their own language of punk gobbledygook oozes an intelligence hidden somewhere behind a hazy veneer.

That being said, if you don’t want to witness a brash cluster fuck of spelling errors, profanity and insanity, turn back now. It’s like watching two male dogs trying to fuck each other. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Pinheads in Sydney. Photo: Tim da-Rin
The Pinheads in Sydney. Photo: Tim da-Rin

The Pinheads and Drunk Mums have been touring together and to be perfectly honest, we’re a little worried about their sanity.

Questions from The Pinheads to Drunk Mums


PH: Which of these four names best describes each member: “The Hog”, “The Gremlin”, “The Bean” and the “The Bumblebee”?

DM: The Hog – Johnny, The Gremlin – Adam, The Bean – Jake, The Bumblebee – Dean.

PH: How did you get you get your nicknames “dingus,” “dean the bean,” “dome” and “the bad man”

DM: Well we were doing this interview and this bunch of dickheads starting calling us names

PH: Did u Drunk Mum?

DM: Only yours, nah wait she was already drunk ;)

PH: Seaweed for arms or cotton for feet?

DM: Seaweed for feeet

PH: How many beery you drinky at konsert?

DM: How many is there? Cos we’ll drink em all

Questions from Drunk Mums to The Pinheads


DM: What are Pinnies doing this year?

PH: Release album #1. tour earth. record album #2 and broadcast to outer space

DM: What makes you think you would win in The Pinheads VS Drunk Mums?

PH: Pinis have confidential info from extraterrestrial sources that makes our power beyond what u can conceive

DM: How did we meet again?

PH: Said extraterrestrial sources brought us together on a very blessed niz

DM: Why are we fighting each other in The Pinheads vs Drunk Mums?

PH: Rivalry over who dramky beery from fridge and which 1 is the strong 1s (pini)

DM: If ya band had to have a star sign what would it be and why?

PH: Pin Hed

DM: Finish this sentence. Drunk Mums are better than The Pinheads because…

PH: because they know how to stum gtar and hit drum with beery

The Pinheads and Drunk Mums are mid-tour, with a stretch of dates left to run. Grab all the details you need from Facebook here or the poster below:


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