Jameela Jamil once again makes headlines for her sex life (even after she calls out media)

Despite actively calling out media antics, Jameela Jamil has once again made headlines for her sex life, making you wonder, will it ever end?

British actress, radio host, writer, and activist (amongst other things), Jameela Jamil, is frequently in the headlines. Most often it’s because of something she’s said or done (the outspoken Jamil often finds herself at the height of controversy). Strangely too, people really want to know how tall she is – searches for ‘Jameela Jamil height’ spike every time she’s in the media like clockwork.

Most recently, it was about “a sex joke that three past lovers had made about her”. It’s exactly the kind of content the activist frequently calls out, and yet, the headlines to continue to come.

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The article in question was published by news.com.au, and the comments were taken from an interview with Conan O’Brien on his podcast, Needs a Friend. In the interview, Jamil described how her interactions with three different sexual partners had coincidentally resulted in the same comment.

“Sex in itself is so stupid. The thrusting? What are we doing? I’m not amazing in bed. But I’ve got big boobs so I don’t have to be,” Jamil described.

“Some of the reviews I’ve had… I’ve been told by three separate men that making love to me – and I think they meant this as a compliment – was like having sex with a memory foam mattress.”

“I shift to any shape. It’s not that I’m bendy, it’s that I don’t have muscles anywhere but my heart. I’m like a human marshmallow with nipples.” 

Elsewhere, the article brought up Jamil’s “comedy in the bedroom”  – allegedly she has a habit of cracking jokes with partner James Blake (one example she recounts was of her saying “unexpected item in the bagging area” after a sex fail) – which, apparently, Blake isn’t too impressed with.

“Mostly if I can just stay silent that’s enough because it’s my trying to insert comedy in the bedroom that goes down badly.”

Honestly, I appreciate a bit of comedy in the bedroom.

It was only last week that Jamil called out the Daily Mail for cherry-picking information for a story about her.


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Amazing. They just keep proving my point! I had LITERALLY hundreds of thousands of people be supportive and LOVELY about what I said. And a few people said something negative and this is what they ran with. I’m “branded.” LOL. I think it’s so good and important to watch this stuff play out in real time. Because normally when this happens to a woman… she is advised to go silent, to ignore, or to try and placate the media/public by changing herself. I’m not going anywhere. I don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, and I’m so glad to finally not feel gaslit about the machine of the cycle of the media’s lifeline for a woman in the spotlight. Remember: Build her up to an expectation she can’t meet. Hyperbolize how great she is so that others will start to feel annoyed that her talent/skill is being exaggerated. They will start to associate this with HER somehow having a big head even though she is not writing the articles. Hyper expose her so people become sick of her face and think she’s selling herself to the papers and is desperate for attention, when mostly the articles are pulled out of thin air, and framed as an interview. Now that you have exhausted her image and people are sick of her face, she is primed and ready for the smear campaign, the rumors, the “branded a… liar, whore, cheat, diva, annoying, bitch) etc. and people will welcome the exit of this person rammed down their throats. Then comes the complete take down. “A source says” and just generally only cherry 🍒 picking tiny controversies and using them to overshadow the majority of positivity, to create the reputation that she is over, finished, problematic… to a) embarrass her into the shadows. B) signal to other women, that don’t dare stand out of line or rebel or we will take you down too. C) maintain the societal narrative that it is ok to abuse, mistreat and dehumanize women. And finally once she has retreated, move on to the next. I’m so passionate about illustrating this pattern because it’s going to just keep happening to woman after woman. After me there will be a new target and when is this cycle going to stop? We have to fight back and end this. ❤️

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Recently, she also pointed out a pattern of her and other women’s depiction in the media, in which she claims sites “build her up, hyperbolize her, overexpose her to make people sick of her face, and then the scene is set for the inevitable kick off the pedastal [sic] THEY put her on, which they did SPECIFICALLY to have an entertaining height to drop her from.”


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So interesting. Think about the amount of women who have been put on to the pedastal that is actually a trap door to a trash can. They do it to embarrass us and exhaust us to the point where we just don’t want to speak anymore, which is EXACTLY the way they want us. Silent, pretty and in our lane. Beyoncé Meghan Markle J Law Jennifer Aniston Britney Spears Lizzo Angelina Jolie Anne Hathaway Kiera Knightley Diana Oprah Greta Thunberg Taylor Swift Billie Eilish Demi Lovato Whitney Houston Mariah Carey AOC Janet Jackson Chrissy Teigen Amy Winehouse Megan Thee Stallion Megan Fox Marie Kondo Jane Fonda Michelle Obama (I mean they TRIED it.) List some women that you saw the tabloid media turn on but don’t exactly know what was proven that they did wrong?

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Far from her sex life being the most interesting thing about her, Jamil uses her platform for good: to spark thought-provoking conversations about a range of contemporary issues.

She is the founder of I Weigh, an Instagram-account-come-platform, which seeks to explore social issues including mental health, climate change, the representation of marginalised groups, and body positivity. Last month, on World Suicide Prevention Day, she also spoke out about her suicide attempt seven years ago, as a means to raise awareness.

We can only hope that one day soon a woman’s sex life isn’t so newsworthy.