Media calls for Prince Harry to be stripped of his royal title, following rumours of a $203 million Netflix deal

Prince Harry is facing backlash over a rumoured reality show deal with Netflix, with some critics even calling for him to be stripped of his royal title.

Last week, a rumour began circulating that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, had signed a £112 million ($203 million AUD) deal with streaming service Netflix. The couple are now facing backlash following reports the deal would include a reality show about the couple’s lives and philanthropic work.

Although a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess has announced that a reality show will not be taking place, rather a doco-series and animated programme, the criticism has still been coming in intense waves from many prominent right-wing commentators.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Queen Elizabeth
Photo: John Stillwell/AP Images

“Harry clearly is exploiting the Buckingham Palace connection, if he wants to run away and do Netflix documentaries, that’s fine, do it as a private individual,” Former UK Minister of State for Crime Prevention Norman Baker told Good Morning Britain.

Baker also suggested that Queen Elizabeth II should consider stripping Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, claiming that a reality series is not an appropriate representation of Her Majesty and The Royal Family.

A royal spokesperson has since released a statement denying that the couple would take part in a reality TV series, instead of confirming that the Netflix deal would include an environmental docu-series on nature, scripted programming, an animated series on inspiring women, and children’s programming.

“The Duke and Duchess are not taking part in any reality show,” the Duke and Duchess informed press.

“The couple already has several projects in development, including an innovative nature docu-series and an animated series that celebrates inspiring women but we are not disclosing any of the programming slate at this time.”

Harry and Meghan have been targets of media vitriol since they decided to step back from royal duties in January. Since the decision, broadcasters such as Sky News and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan have been unrelenting in their criticism of the couple.

At what point does the penny drop that she came over here, took our prince and now Mrs Privacy is making a 150 million (dollars) fly on the wall documentary where every part of their lives is going to be filmed,” Morgan responded to Baker’s comments.

Today, the Sussexes called for an end to “structural racism” in the UK, through an article and accompanying interview with the Evening Standard.

In the piece, Harry and Meghan called for racial equality and more representation within the UK media, stating: “we cannot change history, nor can we edit our past. But we can define our future as one that is inclusive, as one that is equal, and one that is colourful.”

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