We All Drive burn garage-rock with political chaos and distortion on ‘State of Emergency’

We All Drive know how to pen a bloodthirsty track, but their latest single sees them elevate to a level that we’ve never seen before.

On their latest single, We All Drive crank up the distortion and slap you across the face with sheer chaos. State of Emergency is a track that tears down the oppressors and uplifts those who have been marginalised, calling each perpetrator out by name and ripping them to shreds through ferocious choruses.

It’s a gig-ready track that spurs you to riot, mosh, and scream for change all in the space of its four-minute run.

we all drive

We’ve been fans of We All Drive for quite a while now, but never have we seen the band quite like this. State of Emergency sears from the moment it begins, blending relatable symbolism with acidic riffs. The duo have always been renowned for their ability to fill a room with eardrum-bursting noise, but their latest single sees their sonic elevate to heights uncharted. The riffs are tighter, the rhythms more piercing, and the lyricism more overwhelming than ever before. This is the band like we’ve never seen them before, reeling from a year’s worth of injustice.

Crackling in with audio from coronavirus and Black Lives Matter news broadcasts, the band perfectly soundtrack the chaos of our past year within ferocious garage beats. Added bites of production perfectly slice through the mix, all combining into a dirty, rock track masterpiece that compels us to grit our teeth and release our pent-up anger. While many artists have been turning towards softer melodies to counterbalance the intensity of our situation, We All Drive crank the volume up even higher and let the amps bleed.

“State of Emergency is a song that was written in response to the power-hungry individuals who ridiculed and neglected those less fortunate than themselves,” the band explain. “It also reflects on how we, as a strong bonded community, can no longer tolerate these lies and can instead raise our voices in protest for a better and equal world.”

Detailed and vicious, State of Emergency is a track that will blow your speakers and bowl down injustice.

Catch the track below: