The newest James Bond book ‘With a Mind to Kill’ gets back to basics

The newest James Bond book ‘With a Mind to Kill’ gets back to basics

Bringing a new chapter of 007 to the world, bestselling author Anthony Horowitz continues to hold the mantle and keep the fire of Bond alight with his new book, With a Mind to Kill.

Bond fans have had no shortage of 007 stories to keep them occupied. And lucky for us, post-Ian Flemming, there have been a few authors that have taken on the job of giving extended life to the iconic secret agent.

007 was originally revived after Flemming’s death, by John Gardner, with License to Kill and GoldenEye, and later Raymond Benson brought us the closest thing to the classics since its original incarnation, with Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World is Not Enough.

with a mind to kill
Credit: Penguin

Now, Anthony Horowitz is the latest author immersing himself into a Bond takeover, having already written the most recent bond novels Trigger Mortis, Forever and a day, Bond fans only have a few more days to wait for the next highly anticipated release, with his latest With a Mind to Kill, slated for release at the end of May. 

Mysteriously beginning with M’s funeral, but with one notable person of interest missing. Bond, accused of M’s murder has vanished. Behind the Iron Curtain, a group of former Smersh agents want to use Bond in an operation that will tip the balance of world power in their favour. Bond finds he has been smuggled into the lion’s den to follow orders, but whose orders? And will he obey them when the moment of truth arrives?

With betrayal and mistrust all around him, and one false move means death, Bond wrestles with the darkest questions about himself. As he comes to terms with not even knowing what has happened to the man he used to be.

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a good classic Bond thriller to me.  Keen to order? Head over to your fav bookseller.