Jan Taylor: A perfect journey through raw, lofi soundscapes

An independent spirit shines through ‘Breakfast’ allowing for a full indie punk experience to invade all of your senses.

Hailing from Melbourne, 22-year-old solo artist Jan (Jonah) Taylor brings a refreshing blend of punk influences and introspective musings to his latest release. Layered vocals and a distinctive punk beat create a sound that’s both familiar and uniquely his own.

This amalgamation invites the listener into a domain where unfiltered genuineness takes center stage. It’s a sonic landscape that mirrors an intimate internal conversation, delicately mirroring the outward conversational tone—a testament to Taylor’s diverse creative depths.

jan taylor

Furthermore, the track possesses a cherished lofi quality, a characteristic nod to icons like The Cribs and The Ramones, albeit edged further into the realm of lofi excellence. It’s a testament to Taylor’s mastery of the genre, a craft he’s honed since childhood.

A full-time philosophy and creative writing student, Taylor’s artistic prowess extends beyond the music. As a chef at an Italian restaurant, there’s an air of “The Bear” coolness that permeates his persona—a testament to the multi-dimensionality that underscores his artistry.

Taylor’s musical journey began early, with a guitar in hand at age 8, and his first composition penned by age 11. His high school band, Tone Deaf, provided the platform for his early creative endeavours, culminating in the recording of their debut track at 17—a testament to his dedication to his craft.

What sets Taylor apart is his ability to single-handedly orchestrate his music. He handles guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals, mixing, and mastering—all executed with a level of proficiency that’s both impressive and genuine.

Born in Melbourne but raised in various international locales, Taylor’s global experiences infuse a worldly perspective into his music. The isolation of the recent lockdown, spent with his loyal greyhound, Prince, became a fertile ground for creativity.

As Taylor gears up to celebrate the release of “Breakfast” September 29th, it’s clear that his music is an unapologetic statement, a testament to the power of individual expression.

With “Flashbang Mannequin” on the horizon, Jan (Jonah) Taylor is an artist who embraces the raw, unfiltered essence of music, inviting listeners to join him on a journey through the heart of Lofi.

This is an artist who not only walks to the beat of his own drum but composes the very rhythm of his journey, and we are here for it.

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