Japanese aquarium uses flowchart to document complicated love lives of its penguins

If you thought the love lives of Gossip Girl were complicated, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The penguin inhabitants of the Kyoto Aquarium seemingly have such complex webs of romance they could give any American teen drama a run for its money – and adorably, the aquarium staff have decided to keep a flow chart in order to keep track of them.

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Kyoto Aquarium has resorted to an *extremely* detailed flow chart in order to keep track of the complex lives of its penguins.

After an international politics researcher recently paid a visit to the aquarium, they snapped a picture of the flow chart and shared it on social media, with the post quickly racking up almost 40 thousand likes:

Later, they posted a high-resolution version of the flow chart for the benefit of eager Twitter users:

Well, once the powers of Twitter had investigated the chart, they found some rather juicy details. This included various penguins who had both a main partner, as well as friends-with-benefits arrangements with other penguins.

One standout romantic offender was a penguin who was dating someone 17 years their senior, who actually also turned out to be their great aunt. Then there is the “basically demonic” penguin who has broken six hearts and counting:

Or the apparent human-penguin scenario:

Other highlights include: