Jason Momoa shaves his head to raise awareness for a special cause

Jason Momoa posts a head-shaving video on Instagram, while discussing the impact of excess plastics on the environment: “We’ve got to stop.”

Jason Momoa posted a video on his Instagram page yesterday, with the goal of raising awareness about a pressing environmental issue he is passionate about mitigating: The excessive use of single-use plastics.

To make his video statement as impactful as possible, the Aquaman star shocked fans by ditching his iconic long braids for a buzz cut. As a hairstylist gets to work, Jason Moma addresses viewers with “aloha everyone.” He then motions to someone off-camera, saying, “hand me those braids.” 

Credit: Karwai Tang / Contributor

Raising his chopped-off locks to the camera, he continues, “so I’m shaving off the hair. Doing it for single-use plastics. I’m tired of these plastic bottles, we’ve got to stop. Plastic forks, all that shit. Just goes into our land, into our ocean.”

Momoa adds: “I’m here in Hawaii right now. I’m seeing things in our ocean. It’s just so sad. “Please do anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your life. Help me.”


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While we don’t see his head fully shaved by the end of the clip, Jason Momoa teases that there may be a final reveal on the horizon: “We’re going to keep going,” he concludes.

“Here’s to new beginnings let’s spread the aloha,” he captions the Instagram post.