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JBL are quickly mastering high fidelity home audio

JBL have certainly established themselves as leaders in the game of home audio, bringing you pro audio experiences in the confines your own house.

With the likes of Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and soundbars, there’s so much to choose from and with each release, the options only get better and better.

jbl home audio pulse 4

Check out the latest and greatest from JBL including Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and more – the perfect additions to any home audio experience.

With an impressive range of Bluetooth speakers, the recently released JBL Pulse 4 serves as a stunning audio/visual addition to any living space. The speaker displays an eye-catching light show across an LED panel, combining 360-degree speakers with crisp audio quality.

On top of that, the speaker can be joined with another Pulse 4 to create a stereo pair, or up to 100 other Pulse 4s to create a psychedelic surround sound experience.

There are tonnes of other Bluetooth speakers to choose from, from the waterproof JBL Flip 5 all the way to the JBL Link View which features a high definition touch screen, camera, Google assistant, and rich audio quality.

On the wireless headphone side of things, the new JBL Tune 750BTNC offers active noise cancelling, and sound which replicates the preciseness of massive venues around the world. The headphone enables hands-free calls and voice control, making it easier than ever to take control.

Multi-point connection allows you to switch between Bluetooth devices, so if you’re watching a video on a tablet, you can easily switch to your mobile if you need to take a call. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to seamlessly stream audio – minus the cords.

The JBL Bar Studio is a soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to enjoy high-definition TV with high fidelity audio to match. The Dual Bass Port optimises bass frequencies giving outstanding, cinema-quality audio, using a simple HDMI connection. The speaker offers surround sound, without the hassle of extra speakers, and allows you to stream music from your phone via Bluetooth.

There’s plenty of other options too, with the JBL Bar 2.1 offering a subwoofer for added impact, and the JBL Link Bar featuring voice-activation, Android TV, and Google Assistant for smarter viewing.


To check out all of these and more, head over to the JBL website.