Melbourne rap natural BOY CURSED has curated a playlist of pure talent

The conceptual debut EP from Melbourne based rapper BOY CURSED is an exquisite collection of hip-hop bangers. Each track revolves around one of the seven deadly sins and are all testaments to BOY CURSED’s flow, creativity, and impeccable talent.

BOY CURSED has put together a curated playlist of rap hits to give us an insight into the creation of his magnificent debut EP 7.

boy cursed

Dive into the making of one the most creative hip-hop releases in recent times. BOY CURSED takes us behind the inspiration of COAST TO COAST.

These are just some of the many people that have been part of BOY’s journey over the past few months since releasing 7, his debut project, of which COAST TO COAST is the final track; comprised almost entirely of new releases and local tunes, the playlist is not entirely hip-hop but is entirely talent, and you’re sure to hear at least one artist you might not have heard of before to further grow your listening library.

The first number of songs in particular (Daniel Elia’s FEAR, Kieren Luke’s God damn, Cease Sim’s On My Mind, and Malakai’s Drive-Thru) all have accompanying music videos to them much like COST TO COAST, making these tracks especially appropriate additions to BOY CURSED’s list for their visual artistic components.

Also included in this playlist, KVNYL has recently collaborated with Visionaire Media, the videographer for COAST TO COAST, on an upcoming release. Nomad, J.Love, Françoistunes and Andre Jemal are all artists based on the West-Side that BOY has met and associated with during his trips from the South-East suburbs into Melbourne’s vibrant music scene- there are also a number of collaborations with some of these names on the way in the future!

HPK and Daniel James Johnson are close friends of BOY CURSED and members of his support band The Avian Haven, and the three of them have a release under Daniel’s project which dropped on Monday! Fliss Dart is another good friend of BOY’s with her debut release having come out just last month, along with Oliver Northam & The Elsewhere’s debut single showcasing the talents of several people that studied music together with the rapper over the past couple of years.

Turtle Wave, Strange River, Ivy Trip, and J.B.T are all acts that BOY CURSED has shared the stage with in one iteration or another, providing reliable assistance in the live-music scene for both the hip-hop artist and others alike, and finally but no less important are the rappers Arno Faraji, Muka Vhatti and Richmore, the trio of live-performance energy BOY believes are on track to taking the Aussie hip-hop scene into their own hands.