Jeff Mills is expanding Axis Records to include classical, jazz, and film soundtracks

Jeff Mills is one of the best known names in electronic music. Known for his gritty, stripped-back DJ sets, Mills moved to create his own record label nearly 30 years ago with over a decade of experience under his belt.

In more recent news, Mills has dropped a signed open letter acknowledging his commitment to expanding the label to include classical, jazz, and film soundtracks this year.

Jeff Mills launched Axis Records in 1991, focused around developing, celebrating, and publishing electronic musicians.

In an exciting statement, Mills admitted that the label has touched upon other genres but will now make an active commitment to including classical, jazz and film tracks in 2020.

“For almost 30 years,” Axis Records has touched on “classic and jazz, Afrobeat but also other cultural disciplines like cinema, art, contemporary dance…”

Mills goes on to reiterate his dedication to bringing new techno music to followers and fans, along with a list of artists names that will have new music published under the label. There’s something to look forward to. Stay tuned for official release dates and tracks and make sure to read up on the full open letter Jeff Mills released under Axis Records via this link.