AI speech recognition robot crashes whilst trying to decipher Trump

In what doesn’t seem to be oh so surprising, Trump can barely get out a coherent sentence these days. His preferred form of communication seems to be over Twitter, and whilst his rants and comebacks may be readable, they don’t always hold a whole lot of logic.

And now we have the scientific technology to back us up. A speech recognition bot has literally crashed whilst trying to analyse what Trump is saying. We’re glad we aren’t the only ones having trouble understanding him.


A transcription robot named Margaret had to unlearn normal English grammar and syntax in order to analyse Trump speaking.

The robot, named Margaret, was designed in order to analyse, transcribe, and compile speeches it into a database for efficiency and record-keeping reasons. Unfortunately, just a short way into Trump’s speech commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, the robot shit itself. Literally.

The creator, Bill Frischling, reported that after Margaret’s entire system crashed and had to be re-worked to unlearn English grammar and syntax so as to have any hope at analysing what Trump was saying. Even more interestingly, the robot was also created to read non-verbal mannerisms in order to compare what is being said against fact-checking technology to see if the speaker is telling the truth – or in Trump’s case, not.

The results reflect that Trump speaks at about primary school level. Are we shocked? Not really. But we are highly amused by the bot’s attempt to capture what Trump has said, which was posted to a Twitter account you can flick through below: