Former porn star Jenna Jameson confirmed she is ‘not paralysed’

Early this year, Jenna Jameson was hospitalised and unable to walk due to a rare disease.

Naturally, her many loyal fans were afraid for the adult movie star’s life but Jenna Jameson has reassured us all that she is not paralysed.

The 47-year-old is still battling the mystery illness but is no longer in hospital.

When Jameson was unable to walk, she was misdiagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome but has continued to update fans via Instagram.

“I am just dealing with extreme muscle weakness. Some issues with my left nerve,”

“I am walking around — with a walker. My legs have lost a lot of muscle so I am busy trying to build it back.

“This has been not only physically taxing but I think, more than that, just really mentally challenging. Very mentally challenging.”

More to come.