Jeshi delivers dispatches from a dark reality in ‘Generation’

The Jeshi star continues to rise with Generation. The track and its video, directed by Brock, is confronting and moving in equal measures.

One of the most unique voices to emerge from the lauded UK rap scene in recent years is Jeshi. His latest offering, Generation, is a track brimming with narrative drive, emotional intensity, and meticulous production.

Coupled with the music video by Brock Neal-Roberts (who has masterminded clips for the likes of BERWYN and Arlo Parks), the tale of Generation takes on a haunting, cinematic scope.

Jeshi, Generation

There’s no mistaking the track’s biting message: “Generation fucked up, generation on pills, generation unloved, generation sit home on your phone till you feel who you are ain’t enough.” The hook in this case is literal — it hits you and there’s no squirming out of it.

Its confrontational stance is mirrored in the structure of the video. Brock’s camera sweeps across the estate, temporarily fixing its gaze on the next generation of kids, who are seemingly together yet completely alone in their own anxieties.

The lens also lands on Jeshi himself, as he delivers his diatribe to the uncaring. The production from Tev’n, Jonah, and Jim E Stack is a blend of soulful sampled and manipulated choirs, with thumping kick and aggressive hi-hats that provide rhythmic momentum. All the while, Jeshi’s inspired vocal delivery holds sway, slicing through the mix with distortion and gripping you with its emotional intensity.

Generation is out now via Virgin Music. Check out the stunning video below: