Get lost in the present with Jess Locke’s new single ‘The Place’

Immerse yourself in Jess Locke’s ‘The Place,’ a drop of introspective melancholy & obscurity, interwoven with moments of profound revelation

Jess Locke is about to drop her fourth album, ‘Real Life,’ on May 3rd via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records, and she’s teasing us with another single, ‘The Place’

Delivering a dose of acoustic guitars, a chill bass line, Locke’s sublime vocals taking you on a journey through adulthood and nostalgia.

‘The Place’ comes after the lively lead single, ‘Uncomfortably Happy,’ which got some serious love from our favourite Seattle radio station KEXP.

Locke has shared that ‘Real Life,’ is all about grappling with life’s heavy stuff – mortality, alienation, impermanence, despair, and darkness. But hold up, it’s not all gloom and doom. There are moments of pure revelation too.

In her own words, Writing this record, I found myself thinking a lot about what it means to live when you know that one day you will die, not just individually, but as a species, as a planet.” Through the writing process she came to the discovery that although this notion is true, it’s also a distant event. “So while it’s quite a heavy topic, a lot of the album is a process of returning to the present moment, realising that it’s the only thing that’s real and that the only purpose in a life that will one day end is to experience it, and that’s quite liberating on a personal level.” 

Deep, right? But Locke brings it back to the present, highlighting that life’s purpose is to experience it, and that’s pretty darn liberating.

She continues “Music is possibly one of the most effective tools for grounding yourself in the present and, in making this record, I found that, along with the darkness, I found moments of revelation – an escape from the fantasy of what life could be into the reality of what it is.”

And perhaps best of all, music played a massive role in grounding Locke in the present moment, which we hear loud and clear, because for us, music is medicine.

Amidst the darkness, she found moments of escape from the fantasy of life into its real, raw, and beautiful reality. With ‘Real Life’ isn’t just an album; it’s a journey through the highs and lows, with Locke as your guide, reminding you to savour every moment.

Meanwhile get lost in ‘The Place’ below: