‘GIRLFRIENDS’: Jessica Leigh invites us into a sacred feminine space

“Finding new love trading old love for my girlfriends”

Step into a realm of glittery nostalgia and pure sonic allure with Jessica Leigh’s latest musical masterpiece, “GIRLFRIENDS.”

With a magnetic allure that reminds us of Lorde’s intoxicating Melodrama era, this track weaves a captivating tapestry of emotions and camaraderie, drawing listeners into a world of yearning for belonging and kinship, all within the effervescent dream pop landscape that unfurls before us.

Jessica Leigh

At its heart, “GIRLFRIENDS” serves as an exquisite ode to the sacred feminine, casting a radiant spotlight on the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood.

It’s a euphoric celebration of the non-judgmental haven that is the girls’ bathroom, a space where inhibitions are shed, and connections are forged. It’s basically as close as our society will get to Barbieland.

The song’s lyrical finesse shifts the spotlight from dressing up for the pursuit of seduction to a jubilant renaissance of girlhood camaraderie. In this sonic utopia, we’re not merely dressing for the world; we’re adorning ourselves with the luminance of friendship and the vivacity of shared experiences.

“You’re a pretty girl – show me your wild side
All us city girls living our best lives”

The production of “GIRLFRIENDS” is a masterclass in sonic craftsmanship, seamlessly blending the nostalgic sensibilities of the ’80s with a contemporary polish.

The layers of shimmering instrumentation create an auditory tapestry that envelops the senses, invoking memories of neon-lit dancefloors and carefree laughter.

The songwriting is a symphony of emotions, led by Jessica Leigh’s vocal delivery – a testament to candid warmth that beckons listeners into an intimate space, devoid of pretense.

It’s not a clamor for attention, but an invitation to immerse oneself in a cocoon of genuine connection.

Nelson-born, Wellington-based Jessica Leigh, a prodigious artist who embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of 11, has found her true calling in the realm of pop music.


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A virtuoso of 80s-inspired synths, mellifluous guitars, and anthemic drums, her compositions are a chromatic canvas painted with the hues of youthful exuberance.

Within each melody lies a vibrant tale of youthful passion, chronicling the emotional crescendos and cadences of growing up, navigating love’s labyrinthine passages, and savoring the elation of friendship’s embrace.

In “GIRLFRIENDS,” Jessica Leigh has conjured a timeless anthem, an iridescent ballad that transcends eras and beckons us to embrace the euphoria of feminine connections.

With its radiant melodies, candid lyricism, and immersive production, this track is a triumphant affirmation that, in the heart of the girls’ bathroom or on the dancefloor of life, the magic of sisterhood reigns supreme.

Listen to ‘GIRLFRIENDS’ and embark on Jessica’s journey of joy and belonging.