Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Band of Gypsys’ celebrates 50 years with a vinyl reissue

Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys is being reissued on vinyl this March – an anticipated release that has only just been announced. The vinyl is a celebration of 50 years since the original album of live songs was first published.

The album features a tracklist of songs which were first released in March 1970 and were a monumental turning point in Hendrix’s musical career. Documenting two of his most historically significant New Year’s Day performances, the album also features favourites such as Who Knows and Machine Gun.

Band of Gypsys was Jimi Hendrix’s first solo album released without his original band The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Unlike previous albums, the most pronounced aspect of this LP is the live raw technique in the way that Hendrix utilises the guitar over the other instruments and vocals. In a statement by CEO of Hendrix Experience, Janie Hendrix shared:

“He demonstrated that there was no limit to his musical landscape,” she commented. “It was broad and beautiful, and like the leader of a true band of gypsies, Jimi could go anywhere on the spectrum of genres and be at home there musically! This is our way of celebrating that part of Jimi’s journey.”

The vinyl will be available from the 27th of March, with pre-orders already beginning.